For over 30 years I’ve worked with some gifted healers and nutritional scientists and discovered some Gems on my own quest for good health, and here on my site I will share them with you while showcasing the Crown Jewels

My Intention is to introduce Well Proven yet lesser-known products that will provide Easier AND Faster Results for pretty much any-BODY regardless where you are on the Health and Fitness Spectrum. Products like Glutathione (GSH), HyperVibe, and Xeolite are effective for the broadest range of BODIES, each providing multiple benefits. I’d truly love to save you the ten$ of thousand$ I $pent on the supplements and gimmicks I fell for during the earlier stages of my journey.

My Journey

Born in ’the 60’s with ‘deficiencies’ that stumped medical doctors, their answer was ongoing antibiotics until I stopped it at 16.  Sadly, by 13 my gut issues were accompanied by serious “chronic bronchitis” and “sinusitis” for which my new doctor would generously pour liquid codeine in a vile for me to add to the concoction of Benylin (with Codiene already in it,) and Dimetapp!!! Needless to say, Junior ‘High’ is pretty fuzzy and my cognitive function was as off-and-on as were my physical abilities for decades.

A sundry of health challenges arose over the years mainly from the destruction of all my good gut flora while I unwittingly ingested the culprits that caused my issues. (Throw in several concussions and a WWII dentist that caused a load of mercury leakage to make me Super Special!)  I was ‘laid-off’ from every job until 36 as my health and performance was so inconsistent. Tough road yes, but the education was tremendous and my determination to help others find Their Easier Way Out of similar health issues grew stronger with each discovery.

Oh, let’s go back to 16… Don’t remember the circumstances or names (go wonder…) I met a family from Salt Spring Island who said “STOP DRINKING COW’S MILK” as I had done every day of my life. Desperate, I gave it a try and Within ONE MONTH, 3 YEARS of chronic issues in my lungs and sinuses cleared up 100% – To this day!!! 

That marked the beginning of my growing belief that our bodies are miraculous and can heal if we search for the culprits rather than turn off the symptoms. I still have to keep a delicate balance of being ‘good’ so I can push my limits then life throws curve balls doesn’t it?!?  Sooo, I continue the Rollercoaster from athletic to infirmed but the fluctuation happens less often and I go from higher functioning as I get older (while reversing the biomarkers for aging which my products focus on,) to having shorter periods of adrenal exhaustion and other issues that age us me so quickly. KNOWING I possess the tools to reverse biological age relieves a great deal of distress which in-turn lends to faster healing – YAY!

I never recommend anything that I haven’t been BOTH the researcher AND the lab rat while my life granted me the gift of ‘experiential’ knowledge. In the years as a weight training instructor to current day in natural remedies, my clients say I help them because they can understand when I explain how it all connects ‘for their unique situation.’ Knowledge empowers and that’s why they get to experience the positive results – AND THEN, My Heart Gets Plumper!!!


Mikela ❤