Born in the early 60’s with deficiencies that were treated for YEARS with Antibiotics, my gut health was totally destroyed by my teens.  Then bronchial and sinus issues arose so more ‘mind-altering,’ over the counter medicine was additionally prescribed (Benylin WITH Codeine and Dymetapp.)

After another year of persistent symptoms, I was warned of the risk of cancer and generously provided VIALS of Pure Liquid Codeine to add to my daily concoction above – Poured for by my benevolent doctor right there in his office, saving me the trip to the pharmacy! Still no change improvement but I can tell you I remember very little of junior ‘high’ school!

I can’t express enough Gratitude to a Salt Spring Island family that started me on a journey to wellness via natural means when I was 16.  Sadly my body and brain were poisoned and addicted so it took a couple decades but I was THRILLED to finally be able to hold a job at the age of 36!

With that new-found excitement I entered the Health and Fitness Industry and vowed to help others discover natural ways to support their immune systems and share tricks to being fit without ‘Strangling in your Halo.’  Giggle.

You don’t have to be Perfect to be Well and it can be Pretty Simple!

During the past 27 years I’ve had the privilege of working with some Gifted Healers, Trainers, and Nutritional Scientists.  I discovered some Gems that make good health SO Much Easier to attain than most of us would ever imagine.

Here on my site I will share some of the Crown Jewels with you as I’d truly love to save you the tens of thousands I spent on the supplements and gimmicks I fell for during the earlier stages of my journey.  (Had Cupboards full of crappy supplements and was nicknamed the Gadget Queen for all my aches and pains.)

As my site grows I will continue to introduce and blog about more Proven Yet Lesser-Known products that will provide Fast Results you can See AND Feel – Some you can purchase here on my site and others I will direct you to the source.

A main theme will be how to Remove and Avoid Health Depleting Chemicals from your body AND your home (You Know, the TWO places You Live.) All my products support detox while performing other health enhancing benefits simultaneously – This is NOT the case with all health regimens, as odd as that may seem.

We are all unique and don’t respond equally to the same nutrients OR toxins, OR to workouts and lifestyle, so I will only showcase products that provide Great Results for Pretty Much any-BODY – And Regardless where you are on the Health and Fitness Spectrum!

Each product will boast Multiple Benefits (such as NutriStart’s outstanding Liposomal Glutathione (GSH) ) and will be Effective for the Broadest Range of People.

A Couple More Notes…

Note 1 : Clinical studies on GSH alone are ENDLESS for any number of conditions OR to simply UP YOUR GAME  and Your Youthful Appearance.  Remember, What Reverses Chronic Conditions will Also Prevent Them!

Note 2: In the realm of Nutritional Supplements, not only are we unique in our needs, quality ranges wildly so I will never support anything I haven’t seen ‘Tried & True.’  There is often the element of how and when to take supplements and other tricks to gain a significantly better results.  I will share all that ‘My Team’ of loyal customers and friends have discovered over the years – So Fun!

From the years working as an Aerobics and Weight Training Instructor to current day in Natural Remedies, my clients say I’m the one that helped them because they could understand when I explain “how it all connects” – I meet people where they’re at.

Providing the understanding empowers people to make the decision that’s right for them and that leads to My Favourite Thing In Life

…they come back to show me how Great they Look and Feel!

People Experiencing Tremendous Results is the most Satisfying thing Ever!  It makes My Heart Get Plumper and why this website came to be ❤


Mikela Health Essentials

Mikela ❤